Roll Call: First Day of Spring 2017

Spring 2017

There are a lot of changes on our homestead from month to month and season to season. New animals are added, little ones grow up, some go to new homes or complete the circle of life, and new babies are born. I thought it would be a good idea to do a roll call once a season so we can look back to remember where we have been and remind ourselves where we are headed. So here goes:

  • 40 laying hens (give or take)
  • 3 roosters
  • 10 six-week-old chickens (hatched ourselves, born on February 6th)
  • 11 two-week-old chicks (18 hatched on March 8th, sold 6, 1 died)
  • 48 eggs in the incubator (due to hatch on April 10th)
  • We collected 18 dozen eggs this week
  • 6 Nigerian Dwarf goats (2 intact males, 4 females)
  • 1 New Zealand Black rabbit
  • 12 baby rabbits in a nest (born today)
  • 2 Livestock Guardian Dogs
  • 2 beehives (installed yesterday)
  • A bunch of worms in the worm bin
  • 1 Oliver (almost 4 months)


Hens inside the run we built this winter. Keeping them locked up half the day has really helped to increase egg production.


Our old grandma hen on the farm, Trixie.


One of the Easter Egger roosters we hatched last year.


Another Easter Egger Rooster.


This big rooster patrols the yard. He is not allowed in the run because he fights with the other roosters. But he doesn’t bother people.


Young chickens in that awkward teenager stage.


Hot chicks in Sandra’s basement.


This will be our third hatching this year. We plan to sell all the Easter Egger chicks, add the remaining hens to our flock, and eat the roosters.


Egg production is going great!


Clyde is the big man on campus but he definitely has calmed down quite a bit since we put him in with May.


Here is our other LGDs, Piper. She is so sweet!


Our last remaining rabbit, Fanny. She has become Thomas’s pet. He makes sure she gets plenty of food, water, and petting.


Fanny gave birth to 12 babies on the first day of spring! We bred her to our friends’ rabbit, Spearmint, a Silver Fox.


Bees are a new thing for us. They arrived yesterday. Amanda’s father-in-law set all this up for us and he is teaching us how to care for them.




The worm bin is going strong. We don’t do much with it but give them kitchen scraps occasionally and the kids like to pull worms out to feed to the chickens.


Future farmer in training.


The fodder system is up and running in Sandra’s basement.


But it has been a very mild winter so there is still a lot of green left outside. We pulled this bucket of weeds from the garden.


We have started a few plants indoors but we still plan to buy transplants from other local farms.


The garden beds are all prepped, just waiting patiently until the last frost date so we can start planting.






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