IMG_4063.JPGMy first harvest from the spring garden! Radishes and spring onions!


IMG_4039.JPGMaking my special coffee with garlic and turmeric infused honey, coconut oil, and collagen.

We are not charging enough for our eggs. Saw this today at Whole Foods. We sell ours for $6/dozen and we are barely breaking even.



48 eggs going into the incubator, scheduled to hatch the week before Easter. We will be selling the chicks for $6/ea and will also have some pullets for sale from previous hatches. There are green eggs from our Easter Egger hens and brown eggs from a variety of our other heritage breeds. Our main roosters are both Easter Eggers so every chick is at least half EE. This type of chicken lays some beautifully colored eggs! The Easter Egger hens have multi-colored/mottled feathers. Many have fluffy cheeks and/or beards. Some have feathered feet. 100% organic fed and allowed to free-range a few hours a day.


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